Router Admin Login – Username and Password

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Typically, several routers have IP addresses which are private and cannot be accessed unless you have authorized access to the network. happens to be one of those networks which have an IP address that is booked from IANA (internet assigned number authority) which is used for specific purposes.

There are many other private IP Address like or, used to access Router Admin page. Today we are going to share brief information about IP Address.

Generally, when you buy a router, there are options for changing the login credentials and other settings of the router itself. But with a private IP address, you don’t need to do so as the connection is secure with only limited people that can gain access. All of which have to be authorized by you to gain access. Router Admin Login

In recent times, private networks are becoming more and more popular, and the IANA has reserved several individual addresses for the next generation IPv6 addresses. Several corporates and large businesses use private networks for specific reasons. In such a network, access to the internet is limited, and you would have to enable a proxy to access the internet or any site on the web. Router Admin Login Router Admin Login username and password

Every router that is made has its username and password along with an IP address that can be used to access the login page of the router. is an IP address where only specific routers login page can be accessed. These routers include TP-link, 2wire, ADSL router, Westell ADSL, 3Com, to name a few. There are several others, but use their IP address to access their admin login page.

Before we get started with the different steps in logging into the admin page of the router, you will have to ensure the following given steps are followed.

  • The connected system is connected to a WIFI signal. And the signal is strong and established.
  • The connected device has the features of accessing a browser.

After you have followed the above-given prerequisites, then follow the steps given below.

  • Open the browser of your choice, and on the address bar enter such that you will be directed to the login page of the router.
  • Once the login page has opened, enter the credentials that are mentioned. Such as the username and password after which hit the login button. Many times, companies keep the username and password the same, and often it’s reported that its “admin.” But based on the manufacturer, you can expect something different in terms of username and password.

List of Default Username And Password


But then even after entering the username and credentials, you aren’t able to access the login page, then you can reset the router by pressing the power button for 20-30 seconds. It will reset the settings of the router to the factory settings, and logging in becomes a seamless affair. If you still aren’t able to log in, then contact the router customer care service.

Thus, the above-given steps give a clear indication of how one can access the IP address router effectively. But if you wish to change the username and password, then after you enter the login page, you can change it by modifying either one of the options from the setting.

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