How to Log in to IP Address

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There are so many various ways to find IP Address of WiFi Router and there are also so many techniques to locate WiFi router IP Address, some of the common ways are writing “ipconfig” in command prompt and it will display all the types address your computer have, well “ipconfig” works only on Windows, but if you want to know your IP Address in Linux operating system then you have to open your terminal and type “ifconfig” and hit enter and it will display your local and public IP Address, it is really simple to find your router login address. So basically if you have bought a new router from the store or online then you might be confused that how to set up the router, how can log in to IP Address and what will be the username and password of 192.168.O.1 IP Login. I feel you, I also had many questions in my mind when I bought a new WiFi router for the first time and it took me 2 hours just to turn on and set up my new WiFi router. It was a complex procedure but it was worth spending time on it.

There are several companies who are into the business of Routers and some of the top-notch brands are D-Link, Net Gear, and TP-Link, these three brands are one of the famous brands in the world which provide best routers for WiFi. If you are using D-Link or TP-Link router then I’m quite sure that the address of your router will be So all you need to do here is connect your Router with the system as we are going to use it for the first time, connect via Ethernet Cable and open your browser and type in this URL: to access your Router login page. In the next step, I’m going to show you  How to Log in to IP Address and configure it in no time.

How to Log in to IP Address

So here I assume that you have the router with yourself, so first, you need to do is turn on your WiFi Router.

  • Once the router is turned on, connect the one end of Ethernet cable to LAN port of your WiFi router and another of your Ethernet cable to your System.
  • Once the above wires are attached then we are good to go.
  • After connecting the wires, we have to Open our Web Browser and type http // IP Address and hit Enter button.
  • When you will try to Log in to Login Address, it will ask you Username and Password, Now here comes the best part, you have to enter this credentials in order to access Router Settings page as shown in this image below.

Username: admin

Password: admin or Admin or password IP Address Login

  • By default, the username is always “admin” and Password is also always “admin” or “password” or “Admin” but if these things don’t work then I’m sure that the username and password will be labeled on your WiFi Router Box.
  • So if your credentials are right then you will be able to access router settings page where you can configure anything want. You can change SSID, you can increase security, you can limit the IP Range, you can also do Mac Filtering and many more things.

So this is how we can easily Log in to IP Address, if you guys are facing problem while accessing your WiFi Router Settings page then please let us know in the comment section below and we will help you for sure.

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